Haunted Horses

Haunted Horses is best described as new wave in favour of hypnotic marches and schizophrenic song structures that veer wildly from robotic repetition to explosions of volume and dissonance and back again just as suddenly." Also characterized as industrial, experimental noise, post-rock. Their music sounds like walking, or rather charging into the light. The duo of drummer Myke Pelly and guitarist Colin Dawson have been clanging and banging with doomsday vigor over the last five years. The new material's a continuation of Haunted Horses' project to make rock grate again. "Assembly" rumbles and judders with the corrosive power of early Killing Joke. It's a steel-gray alarm bell to wake up and smell the smoldering rubble."

Myke Pelly’s relentless, mechanized beats set the stage for Colin Dawson’s collage of dysphoric, horror textures. Many say Haunted Horses sounds like chains dragging through an abandoned warehouse, then strained moaning and a drum beat like heavy footsteps. The title track and “The Banker” carry the bulk of the load, with Pelly’s thunderous drums matching Dawson’s grinding, industrial keyboard, which sounds alternately like a distorted Fender Rhodes piano and a demonic guitar.