Quiet Panic Recording Artist

We’re beyond excited to announce Pictureplane as the latest signing in our collaboration with Quiet Panic. Brooklyn based artist Travis Egedy needs no introduction. He has been making waves with his unique brand of electronic music since 2009 when he dropped the first Pictureplane album ‘Dark Rift‘. Since then he has released six albums, launched the successful occult inspired clothing line Alien Body, played with the likes of Grimes, Vatican Shadow, and Health, and has headlined international festivals.

Following up 2018’s acclaimed album ‘Degenerate’, Pictureplane has teamed up with Goth Boi Clique’s Fish Narc to release the new single “Underwater Panther” via Quiet Panic/Bridge Nine. Pictureplane has a long history with the GBC crew, having befriended the late Lil Peep and collaborated with Wicca Phase Springs Eternal last year. A mutual artistic admiration and backgrounds in the DIY scene brought Pictureplane and Fish Narc together for this coldwave/deathrock inspired collaboration. The three minute track is driven by a classic four to the floor kick drum, off kilter hi hats, lush synthesizers, and a very rare use of guitars…with Egedy’s catchy vocal melodies tying everything together.

Pictureplane shows no signs of slowing down in 2019. He’s currently writing a new EP, planning future collaborations, working on his ever growing Alien Body clothing line, and even has a gallery showing of his art coming up this October in New York City. Pictureplane is outsider art in its truest form.